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Finicky Princess Piggy Poo

Princess Piggy Poo was acting quite cat like regarding her appetite for pellets. Something was amiss with either Princess Piggy Poo or the new bag of guinea pig food I purchased. I was worried that she may not be feeling … Continue reading

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Eat like a Piggy

People comment on how “big” Princess Piggy Poo is but she doesn’t subscribe to the Hollywood vision of thin. Princess Piggy Poo is the same size as her mother and the other guinea pigs of her lineage. While she may … Continue reading

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Picky eater

Guinea pigs are like people. Their bodies don’t make vitamin C so they need a supply of it in their diets. Daily I give Princess Piggy Poo an array of fresh vegetables and fruits in hopes she won’t get scurvy. … Continue reading

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