This blog is inspired by Princess Piggy Poo, a pet guinea pig born mid-September in 2011 and adopted 4 weeks later. It’s hard to say what kind of or how many adventures a little rodent confined to a 25″ x 16″ cage can have but it’ll be fun to find out.

2 Responses to About

  1. Princess Piggy Poo is most charming. I agree that she probably is more informed than far too many Americans.

  2. hello,i read your blog you are having a nice topic + writings + Princess Piggy Poo, i invite you to please visit my new born blog about pets if you like: https://petimals.wordpress.com/ . I’m sure u are a pet lover because u are having a beautiful guinea pig, I am still working on my blog making it better day by day,have a good day thank you.

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