Geriatric Princess Piggy Poo

Princess Piggy Poo GeriatricNext week Princess Piggy Poo will be five years old. In guinea pig years, that’s getting up there. Princess Piggy Poo is a true Hollywood cavy. She still looks young and vibrant with her adorable face and shiny coat. However, Princess Piggy Poo has her old age maladies. Just like grandma, Princess Piggy Poo takes benazepril, a heart medicine, and Lasix, a diuretic.

Twice a day Princess Piggy Poo gets both drugs in addition to her vitamin C in the morning and cranberry juice at night. She takes her medicines like a trooper. She especially enjoys her banana cream-flavored heart medicine. There’s always a tug-of-war to get the syringe out of her mouth.

While it’s hard to tell, I’m guessing Princess Piggy Poo has good days and bad days now that she is in her sunset years. Of course, she still enjoys her usual guinea pig treats including decorative tissue box houses and toilet paper rolls filled with cilantro. My goal is to keep presenting Princess Piggy Poo with reasons to stick around. Even though Princess Piggy Poo is technically an old lady, she’s always my baby to me.

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1 Response to Geriatric Princess Piggy Poo

  1. Joyce LaRussa says:

    Gosh, Princess Piggy Poo, sure takes lots of medicine for being so little. However, she still looks like a babe! May she break all Guinea pigs longevity records. The way her motherthequeen takes care of her, she just might! Nana of Princess Piggy Poo

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