Finicky Princess Piggy Poo

Princess Piggy Poo FinickyPrincess Piggy Poo was acting quite cat like regarding her appetite for pellets. Something was amiss with either Princess Piggy Poo or the new bag of guinea pig food I purchased. I was worried that she may not be feeling well, but Princess Piggy Poo ate her hay, crudités and supplements with gusto so I waited a second day.

When an animal with “pig” in its name won’t go near her cavy cereal two days in a row, it’s time to start troubleshooting. On the third day, I thought I should get a professional opinion, so I called Princess Piggy Poo’s veterinarian. Because Princess Piggy Poo was being finicky only about her pellets, I was told to wait a couple more days before scheduling a vet visit.

The trick was to keep her calories up so she wouldn’t start losing weight. To make up for lost calories, I gave Princess Piggy Poo an extra cookie (urinary support supplement) at bedtime. Right after I handed over the tasty treat, I wondered if Princess Piggy Poo was just playing me.

On the fourth day, I decided to head back to the pet store to buy another bag of guinea pig pellets on the off chance that the last bag wasn’t delighting her discerning taste buds. (A new bag of guinea pig food is definitely cheaper than an exotic vet visit, so it was worth a try.) The same brand of cavy food four days later was now in new packaging. It’s as if Princess Piggy Poo knew her other pellets were outdated. Royalty must always be on the forefront of everything. To my relief, Princess Piggy Poo gobbled up the new pellets and now all is right in the kingdom. Thank goodness my finicky cavy is back to being a little piggy.

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1 Response to Finicky Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    Well, thank goodness all is better for Princess Piggy Poo. I can totally relate to her finicky appetite, for I am a pretty picky eater myself. I can’t say that I’m a professional on pellet foods, but I’m a connoisseur of cheese. So in the area of us both being foodies, I too am as finicky as Princess Piggy Poo when it comes to freshness, taste and, of course, quality. I’m thinking that the Princess is like me. When it comes to special foods, forget the rest and get the best . . . and all will be good for “you” in the kingdom! 🙂

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