Cranky Princess Piggy Poo

Princess Piggy Poo CrankyMaybe Princess Piggy Poo is cranky from the heat. She is definitely in a mood. It could be that Princess Piggy Poo had a bad dream. Although, I would imagine a cavy nightmare would include being eaten, so just waking up should make her feel relieved and happy. I wonder how many things there are that could make a guinea pig irritable. Maybe I fed Princess Piggy Poo green beans, when she really wanted cilantro.

So, how can I tell that Princess Piggy Poo is cranky? Her sideways glances, her extra bites, her squirming, she may have even rolled her eyes at me. Mainly, it’s a feeling and sensing a change in her disposition. Being around Princess Piggy Poo all day, every day, I’ve picked up her vibe.

I guess all living creatures are entitled to a bad mood every now and again, even a cute guinea pig. I figure I’ll give Princess Piggy Poo her space and hopeful her cranky mood will go away. A little cilantro couldn’t hurt either.

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One Response to Cranky Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    Well, any of those things you mention would make me cranky. I am imagining Princess Piggy Poo is feeling about like me, since we are both in this middle-age stage of our lives. Guinea pig or not, it’s reality. It’s waaaay too hot, and I’m over it. Waking up from a nightmare ticks me off because now I’ve lost sleep. And “having” to eat a healthy green smoothie when I really want a bacon cheeseburger makes me want to punch someone . . . maybe she thinks like me sometimes! 🙂

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