Princess Piggy Poo crazy from the white noise

Princess Piggy Poo White NoisePrincess Piggy Poo is a TV-holic. From the time we wake up in the morning until the time we go to bed at night, the TV is on. A few years ago, a friend who had guinea pigs suggested I keep a television or radio on for Princess Piggy Poo and I’ve done that ever since. I’m not watching it, so it’s totally for her cavy-vision enjoyment. Even when I leave the house, the TV stays on for my guinea pig.

For outings that I know I’ll be away for more than three hours, I turn off the TV and turn on the radio, because for some reason, the television’s converter box automatically shuts off after three to four hours. Unfortunately, when the cable goes off, the television stays on, so without the cable feed, the television is static.

When I’m home, the white noise alerts me to turn the converter box back on to restore programming, but when I accidentally stay away too long, Princess Piggy Poo is serenaded by the mind-numbing chronic shhhh and bouncing, flickering black and white dots. Sometimes, I come home and the TV is off completely. I wonder how long it takes before that happens. I don’t want my cavy going crazy while I’m away.

So far I haven’t noticed any ill effects from Princess Piggy Poo having to deal with this scene from Poltergeist. And, I sure am glad she stays away from the light.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo crazy from the white noise

  1. Kramer says:

    Princess Piggy Poo and I have something in common. I too am a TV-holic. Like her, just having the noise is good. I watch off and on. I wonder if the Princess enjoys certain shows better than others? I even have a sleep timer so it lulls me to sleep . . . no sounds that go bump in the night for me! 🙂

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