Princess Piggy Poo has a cold

Princess Piggy Poo ColdGuinea pigs have sensitive respiratory systems. Although, cavies don’t really get colds, they get URIs. Even so, I’m not sure how Princess Piggy Poo caught an upper respiratory infection (URI) without going out in the cold, getting caught in the rain or being around another sick cavy.

Princess Piggy Poo started making hooting noises when eating her hay. At first, it sounded like she had rubber or wooden teeth, which sounded comical to me. I decided to check online to see if other guinea pigs made the sound. The web search scared the hell out of me because, after consulting Dr. Google, I was certain she had a heart condition.

After rushing Princess Piggy Poo to her exotic veterinarian, I was told she had a URI. How did the vet know? There was moisture in her right nostril. Her cavy lungs were clear, so we were given antibiotics, probiotics, care instructions and sent on our merry way.

Thank goodness I am able to spend so much time with Princess Piggy Poo to witness little changes in her behavior and know when something is amiss. Hopefully, Princess Piggy Poo is on the mend and there will be no more hooting sounds coming from my cavy. I had no idea Princess Piggy Poo would be such a delicate guinea pig. Never name your pet after royalty, they really live up to the title.


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1 Response to Princess Piggy Poo has a cold

  1. Kramer says:

    So sorry to hear Princess Piggy Poo is under the weather. Glad your Google search turned out wrong in its diagnosis, but I bet it did put some serious stress on Her Momma. Now that Princess is on the mend, her toting mommy will be ever vigilant to her ever sneeze, and that’s one blessef cavy. Being royal may not prevent her from getting sick . . .but it gets her the royal treatment! 🙂

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