Princess Piggy Poo’s one black hair

Princess Piggy Poo Black Hair

Princess Piggy Poo is white as virgin snow, white as cotton on the flower, white as fluffy cumulus clouds, except for one black hair. On the right side of Princess Piggy Poo’s hip is a single dark hair. I wonder if she would be as appalled at that little black hair, as I would be to see a white one on my head of dark hair.

Being on the vain side, Princess Piggy Poo may consider that sole black hair a blemish on her otherwise perfectly white fur. Actually, she probably doesn’t even know it’s there. It isn’t easy to find that hidden gem. From time to time I check to see if it’s still there. Thinking maybe the black hair appeared as a fluke and will fall out, never to return. However, every time I go searching, it eventually turns up.

On the other hand, Princess Piggy Poo may be proud of her single dark strand. While she looks identical to her guinea pig mother, her father was a dark-haired cavy. That lone black thread is part of Princess Piggy Poo’s paternal lineage.

Thank goodness I resisted my first urge to pull that unique hair. Being flawless is fine but then I wouldn’t have so much fun searching for the black needle in the white haystack.


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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo’s one black hair

  1. Kramer says:

    I think it is adorable that Princess Piggy Poo has one single black hair in her otherwise beautiful snowy coat. It most certainly is a beauty mark passed to her from her beloved father’s genetic code. I would never consider removing that unique hair on her. While on Princess Piggy Poo, I find that just another sign of true royalty, lone black hairs on us mere mortals can be . . . well, PULL, BABY, PULL! 🙂

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