Princess Piggy Poo homeowner

Princess Piggy Poo HomeownerPrincess Piggy Poo owns two homes. She is a fortunate guinea pig. Not all pets have homes — if their human parents are sleeping on the street, so are they.

The two guinea pig law in Switzerland got me thinking about what it means to legislate who can own pets; because if someone cannot afford two cavies that means they won’t be able to have any. And, maybe a cavy could have a good home and life, even without a guinea pig buddy.

With  7.6 million companion animals (dogs and cats) entering shelters in the U.S. each year — of which 2.7 million will be euthanized (according to the ASPCA) — wouldn’t it be better to let any loving person have a pet?

It’s definitely a middle-class perspective that if you can’t afford something you shouldn’t have it, but there are homeless pet owners who love their furry friends. When offered leftovers, many homeless people will feed their dogs or cats first. Pets of the homeless may have to rough it like their owners, but homeless people appreciate their animals for love, companionship and, sometimes, security.

One day every weekend, Project Minnie hands out bags of dog food and cat food to feed pets of the homeless in Venice Beach, California. This provides the dogs and cats with healthy food designed for their bodies instead of human food. Project Minnie also hands out flea medicine, harnesses, leashes, collars, bowls and education for owners to get low- or no-cost veterinary care.

While the living circumstances for the pets and their homeless owners aren’t ideal, Project Minnie is one small organization making a huge difference for this community. Project Minnie is a 501c3 nonprofit that uses all funds for the animals and accepts donations on their website.

Princess Piggy Poo is a blessed cavy and thanks to Project Minnie, pets of the homeless on the Venice Beach Boardwalk are blessed, too.

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  1. Kramer says:

    Thank you for this wonderful blog . . . I couldn’t be more proud! 🙂

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