Princess Piggy Poo Picasso

Princess Piggy Poo PicassoPrincess Piggy Poo usually ends her morning cuddle time by staring me right in the eyes. She perches on my breastbone and makes happy noises (probably because she knows there’s lettuce in her near future). It’s not easy for my eyes to focus on Princess Piggy Poo at such a close range. I stare at her cross-eyed and she morphs into a distortion as if Picasso painted a guinea pig.

If I could replicate my cavy vision on canvas, I’m sure it would be a masterpiece. Princess Piggy Poo’s little eyes appear to be touching with one a little higher than the other. Her pink ears look askew and enlarged as if she could use them to fly. I was so sure I had already seen this vision in a painting that I did an Internet search. There are cavy paintings out there but none have the aesthetic appeal of Princess Piggy Poo.

Perhaps when Princess Piggy Poo stares back at me she sees a Picasso-inspired Her Momma the Queen.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo Picasso

  1. kramer says:

    Cuddle time in the morning sounds just wonderful. I enjoy taking some extra time in the morning myself these days. Focusing your eyes on something too closely is hard on the eyes, and the beautiful Princess Piggy Poo, the object of affection you’re viewing. I do, however, really like the comparison of this distorted vision to a Picasso. I’ll have to keep that in mind next time I’m looking at myself in the mirror . . . Picasso, Picasso, Picasso!! 🙂

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