Princess Piggy Poo’s tiny tongue

Princess Piggy Poo TonguePrincess Piggy Poo has the cutest tiny tongue. Every morning, cuddle time isn’t over until I coax that teensy pink dart to show itself. Sometimes, about 10 times — and it’s never enough.

After all this time, I never thought to peek at Princess Piggy Poo’s tongue. Maybe her cavy teeth were too intimidating to poke around her mouth. However, Princess Piggy Poo’s guinea pig lips are plump and precious, and touching her bottom lip is what made her cavy tongue peek out.

I did an online search and it seems there are guinea pigs that do stick out their tongues. In some situations it’s because of a terrible problem called malocclusion. This is when the molars become overgrown. When bottom molars grow over the tongue, it can cause it to stick out. But when a guinea pig without a problem sticks a tongue out it’s so damn cute and entertaining.

There have been other opportunities to spy Princess Piggy Poo’s dainty tongue when she gives kisses or grooms herself. But it happens so quickly I never got a good look at that adorable cavy tongue.

I hate to call it a fetish, but I am obsessed. Watching Princess Piggy Poo stick out her guinea pig tongue is right up there with kittens playing with yarn and puppies in a basket.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo’s tiny tongue

  1. Kramer says:

    I have learned so much about the guinea pig through reading this Princess Piggy Poo blog, and now here’s yet another tidbit of interesting trivia. Admittedly, I have never really thought about how cute or adorable a little tongue can be, but I do appreciate the love we have of our furry friends and our overwhelming interest in everything about them. It adds joy, enlightenment, and happiness to our lives in the discovery of these simple pleasures . . . even a lightening fast tongue! 🙂

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