Princess Piggy Poo in nature

Princess Piggy Poo In NaturePrincess Piggy Poo was a member of nature’s symphony today. My cavy wheeking, mourning doves cooing, small birds chirping and a scary-ass black crow thrashing its wings (and making me hold Princess Piggy Poo tighter) all came to serenade. The dried leaves scraping across the concrete added a percussive feel.

Relaxing in the spring sun and listening to wildlife songs are quite a treat. Although Princess Piggy Poo would insist that a tame guinea pig doesn’t need to be accompanied by feral, feathered beings. She was as surprised as me when the mourning dove couple dashed by our heads flying from perch to perch.

I always think that animals understand each other but Princess Piggy Poo has been removed from a natural environment. She is a domesticated cavy who has grown to appreciate modern conveniences. At this point, Princess Piggy Poo is about as much of an intuitive animal as I am. But even though my guinea pig is civilized, those birds seemed inspired by Princess Piggy Poo’s wheeks. As tempting as it was to sing along, I knew to keep my sounds to myself and just be the happy audience member.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo in nature

  1. Kramer says:

    The many health benefits of spending time outdoors are well documented. That you and Princess Piggy Poo are able to covort with nature on a regular basis is a very special quality time together. How nice you both enjoy the musical talents and beauty of your outside friends . . . but watch out for those UFOs! 🙂

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