Princess Piggy Poo gets a bath

Princess Piggy Poo BathUntil last week, Princess Piggy Poo had never had a full bath. Like a favorite high-end designer outfit, Princess Piggy Poo had only been spot cleaned. But desperate times call for desperate measures and after finding a couple of poo spots on Princess Piggy Poo’s belly, it was time for a guinea pig bath.

Luckily, I had a plastic basin for washing girly delicates. What better tub for a princess? And, in anticipation that there would be a cavy bath day at some point in Princess Piggy Poo’s life, I had a travel-size baby shampoo at the ready.

I’ve seen videos of guinea pigs swimming, and knowing that cavy body temperature is up to 103 degrees, I figured Princess Piggy Poo wouldn’t balk at the warm water. I wouldn’t say she enjoyed the bath, but she didn’t hate it either.

The best part of giving Princess Piggy Poo a bath is that afterward her velvety soft cavy fur felt softer than ever. Well, that was the best part for me. Princess Piggy Poo probably thought the best part was getting dirty.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo gets a bath

  1. kramer says:

    It sounds like Princess Piggy Poo enjoyed her first royal bath. Like us humans, I guess there are personal preferences in the cavy world too via the shower/spot cleaning v. bath world. It makes my mere mortal world seem more upper class to hear that even a Princess needs a bath, albeit a luxurious bath, once in a while . . . and even a high-end cavy gets dirty! 🙂

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