Happy Easter Princess Piggy Poo

Princess Piggy Poo loves the Easter traditions of rolling and hiding Easter eggs. She actually believes that guinea pigs inspired these holiday activities. What is more roly-poly that a low-to-the-ground guinea pig? And, have you ever known a cavy that didn’t like to hide?

According to a quick Internet search, egg rolling is a symbolic re-enactment of rolling away the stone from Christ’s tomb on Easter morning. As far as why we hide Easter eggs, the reason is fuzzy. Probably because the Easter Bunny brings them, so we have to do something fun with them.

Princess Piggy Poo Easter

If Princess Piggy Poo was tasked with hiding Easter eggs, she has the perfect location. Princess Piggy Poo is certain that her tissue box keeps her safe and out of sight, so naturally it would make a good hiding place for an Easter egg.

Princess Piggy Poo is also a fan of the Easter Bunny. A white rabbit with big pink ears is both familiar and beautiful to my guinea pig. For this reason, I have an Easter Bunny plush on the fireplace mantel as part of our Easter decorations. Traditions bring us closer to the ones we love; even our furry, little loved ones.


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1 Response to Happy Easter Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    Happy Easter to you and Princess Piggy Poo!! It seems she has Easter down, from the roly-poly to the best hiding place for the eggs. Look how sweetly covert she is in her hiding place! I too am a fan of the Easter Bunny, hiding the eggs, and all the love and traditions that go with the holiday. I especially enjoy the chocolate bunny . . . . don’t tell Princess, shh!!! 🙂

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