Gorgeous Princess Piggy Poo

Princess Piggy Poo Gorgeous

“Princess Piggy Poo is a gorgeous little pig!” That’s what her veterinarian wrote on the notes after Princess Piggy Poo’s last checkup. Of course, it’s obvious to me that my cavy is gorgeous, but the vet sees a lot of guinea pigs so her professional opinion goes a long way.

I have noticed that Princess Piggy Poo likes to turn on the charm while at the vet’s office. She squeaks her mind, yet is still compliant with the poking and prodding. She maintains good eye contact and never bites. When the vet mentions that Princess Piggy Poo has the softest fur, she graciously accepts the compliment.

After about a year of plying Princess Piggy Poo with cranberry water every night and keeping her diet light in calcium — knock wood — she seems to be doing okay. So, even though it’s nice to hear that my guinea pig is gorgeous, the best note is that Princess Piggy Poo is a healthy cavy, too.

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2 Responses to Gorgeous Princess Piggy Poo

  1. Joyce aka Nana of Princess Piggy Poo says:

    Not only is she gorgeous, she doesn’t seem to grow old! How lucky can one get–besides having a wonderful mother to take care of her health and beauty!

  2. Kramer says:

    A healthy, happy, and gorgeous report from the vet on Princess Piggy Poo is a true blessing and wonderful compliment. It is also an honor and tribute to the tender loving care of Her Momma. To know that she is so patient and compliant with the doc is amazing to me. All I get from my doc is thowing of the hands in the air and “noncompliant” in my chart . . .definitely no mention of “gorgeous”! 🙂

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