Princess Piggy Poo sleepover

Princess Piggy Poo SleepoverBefore I go out of town, I have to make sure Princess Piggy Poo has a place to stay to be fed and loved. Last weekend, Princess Piggy Poo went on a sleepover to my friend Karen’s house. I should have told Princess Piggy Poo that her routine was going to be disrupted because when I dropped her off she was trembling.

Of course, I felt like the worst pet mother in the world leaving my vulnerable little guinea pig. I knew Karen would take good care of Princess Piggy Poo and that I couldn’t take my cavy with me, but it was all I could do to walk away.

The next day I received a photo of Karen giving Princess Piggy Poo her cranberry water followed by texts describing all the things Princess Piggy Poo does when she’s a happy cavy. I still felt guilty for leaving my guinea pig, but more at ease knowing she was happy.

Next time I go out of town, I’ll give Princess Piggy Poo fair notice. Although, I’m guessing that once she realizes she’s getting lettuce and hay, Princess Piggy Poo is okay with a sleepover.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo sleepover

  1. kramer says:

    I always feel that way too when I have to leave my beloved pet behind, but I know Princess Piggy Poo was in very capable hands with Karen. I know I’ve felt at times that my pet had a better vacation than I did, with all the goodies and extra cuddles and attention that my pet caretaker bestowed on him. With such tasty treats, TLC, and extra attention, I’m sure Princess Piggy Poo enjoyed her vacation as much as you enjoyed yours . . .wait until the time you get back and Princess would rather stay on vacation! 🙂

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