Princess Piggy Poo’s rainy day

Princess Piggy Poo Rainy DayPrincess Piggy Poo has been tucked under her dry towel all day. While the rain and wind were making a mess outside, she was cozy inside. My cavy was nestled like a matryoshka doll: inside her towel, inside her rainbow house, inside her big house and inside my house. Even a fresh pile of hay didn’t coaxing her out of her shelter.

It’s hard for gray skies to make Princess Piggy Poo blue. My guinea pig prefers a dark cover whether the sun is shining or not. Sometimes, I wonder if she isn’t part mole. Other than hiding from the dark skies, I wonder how Princess Piggy Poo would react to rain. I stopped short of filling a squirt bottle and misting her, imagining that she would simply blink the way dogs often do when rained on.

It’s easy to forget that guinea pigs used to survive in the wild. Pet cavies have it so much easier than their ancestors. Not only is Princess Piggy Poo lucky enough to live in a state that rarely rains; when it does, she stays snug and protected like the tiniest Russian nesting doll.


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1 Response to Princess Piggy Poo’s rainy day

  1. Kramer says:

    Like Princess Piggy Poo, I too like snuggling in on a rainy day, or any day. There’s nothing like burrowing in and relaxing in a cozy spot. Maybe I am part mole? I know Her Momma The Queen builds only the best of a nest for her royal cavy . . . while mine was delivered by the court jester! 🙂

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