Princess Piggy Poo and the teakettle

Princess Piggy Poo TeakettleUsually once, sometimes twice each day, I put on a kettle of water to make tea. As Princess Piggy Poo chills in her big house, I look forward to a warm beverage. The whistling starts quietly as the water begins to heat and then crescendos to a full-blown scream as the water boils. I wonder what Princess Piggy Poo thinks when she hears that whistle.

I recently connected the similarities of the teakettle and cavy whistles due to Princess Piggy Poo’s overzealous squeals for tangerine sections. When I eat a tangerine in her vicinity, she is quick and loud to let me know she’s interested. Her whistling starts quietly as I begin to peel the skin and then crescendo to a full-blown scream as the fruit is freed. My guinea pig has quite a set of pipes. As loud as — well, as loud as a boiling teakettle.

It’s as if Princess Piggy Poo has started to imitate the teakettle in her communications. Does Princess Piggy Poo think I’m sharing her citrus treats with some secret cavy in the kitchen? If she only knew, she’s competing with a teakettle.


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