Princess Piggy Poo’s flaw

Princess Piggy Poo FlawEvery time I pat Princess Piggy Poo’s back, I’m reminded of her woman-made flaw. It irks me that a human altered my perfect guinea pig forever. And, that I paid good money for this defacement that happened at the hands of the veterinarian I hired to cure Princess Piggy Poo’s bladder stones.

Princess Piggy Poo didn’t wince when it happened. Although, I was mortified watching the vet take scissors to Princess Piggy Poo’s non-anesthesia-ized skin. The vet doing the cutting blamed the scab that she was eviscerating on the shots the previous non-cavy doctor prescribed to treat Princess Piggy Poo’s bladder stones. The crusty coating at the injection site was a side effect of the medicine.

It was an innocent question to the cavy specialist that inspired the hatchet job. All I asked was if I should put Neosporin® on the scab. A second later Princess Piggy Poo had a bald spot. The vet then moved some fur over the pink skin and declared, “Comb over.” I was perturbed at the time, but now, nearly a year later, the hair hasn’t grown back and I’m livid that she marred my guinea pig.

While it’s true that Princess Piggy Poo’s flaw isn’t visible to anyone, I know it’s there. A reminder that, even if you live a safe, careful and pampered life, things can still get a little ugly.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo’s flaw

  1. Kramer says:

    Yes, we all do get bumped and bruised along the path of life. When it happens to us, we dust ourselves off and go on. But when it happens to a loved one, it can prick a nerve in our very soul. The way Princess Piggy Poo handled this trauma in her life has been an inspiration to me. Her tiny unseen bald spot is a badge of honor to her bravery and is of no concern to her own self-worth and beauty. . .She is my hero! 🙂

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