Princess Piggy Poo service piggy

Princess Piggy Poo Service PiggyYou know how people have service dogs to calm them on airplanes or hang out with them at restaurants? I don’t mean real service dogs that are trained to assist people with disabilities, but those little purse pooches you’ll see being carried like an accessory. With those types of dogs in mind, I want to proclaim Princess Piggy Poo as a service guinea pig.

Princess Piggy Poo is definitely small enough to fit into a cavy crate under an airplane seat. And since I have deemed her a service animal, I could procure a tiny vest that says “Service Cavy” and take her out of the crate to have her sit on my lap inflight. I would naturally need a thick, absorbent lap towel, because unlike service dogs, service guinea pigs aren’t potty trained.

Of course, I would never take Princess Piggy Poo to a Peruvian restaurant. No service cavy should be caught dead at a place that has guinea pigs on the menu. But I’m sure Princess Piggy Poo would enjoy a raw food or salad place. I can think of a few al fresco favorites where Princess Piggy Poo and I wouldn’t have any trouble getting a table, although those eating establishments allow dogs so I would have to make sure Princess Piggy Poo doesn’t wind up a tasty morsel.

As much as I’d like to have a service guinea pig to calm me on a trip or share some lettuce at a café, it’s probably Princess Piggy Poo’s preference to stay in the comfort and safety of her two castles. Instead of me having a service cavy, Princess Piggy Poo has Her Momma the Queen at her service.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo service piggy

  1. ksknightblog says:

    It seems you’re a bit confused on what a service animal is. ALL service dogs are trained to do tasks to help their disabled owners. No exceptions. There ARE animals, called emotional support animals, that are allowed on planes and in no-pet housing. Both psychiatric service animals and emotional support animals require a doctor’s note for accompanying their owner on a flight. If you see people carrying their tiny dogs in purses to restaurants and claiming they are service animals, it’s possible they are faking. But remember that not all disabilities are visible. Have a great day!

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