Princess Piggy Poo goes bump in the night

Princess Piggy Poo Bump in NightPrincess Piggy Poo is making me paranoid. I’ve checked doors, windows and even the fireplace for intruders in the last week since she has been sleeping in my room. It’s as if Princess Piggy Poo can throw sound.

Every time I hear creaks, I imagine there is someone walking in the other room. I grab my cell phone flashlight to search the premises. All doors are locked and no windows have been breached. Must be Princess Piggy Poo. Later, I hear scratching and check the windows for blustery winds or would-be burglars. All is calm and all is bright. Must be Princess Piggy Poo. Then there is a thud — a Santa Claus kind of thud — but Christmas is still two weeks away. How can a tiny guinea pig make such big noises?

Time to move Princess Piggy Poo back into her own bedroom. Waking up several times a night to investigate is not for me. Although, I was glad that the scary sounds were only due to my restless cavy. I’m happy to have my room back, but now when I hear things that go bump in the night, I won’t have Princess Piggy Poo to blame. Hmmm…

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