Princess Piggy Poo bunk mate

Princess Piggy Poo Bunk MatePrincess Piggy Poo had to clear out of the living room this week. We had the painter come and I didn’t want her to endure the smell or, worse, have splatters of paint ruin her velvety white fur. I decided Princess Piggy Poo could bunk with me. Into the bedroom went the big house, the little house and more hay than my allergies could handle. Between the paint fumes and hay, I’m lucky to be telling this cavy tale without an oxygen mask.

Hay aside; I enjoyed having my guinea pig roommate. And, I think someone else appreciated the change of scenery. Princess Piggy Poo seemed entertained staring at me as I sat on the bed typing on the computer or talking on the phone. Maybe she found it funny that we were doing business crammed into a bedroom. At night, I moved Princess Piggy Poo from the big house at the side of the bed to her bedchamber at the foot of the bed. She would lull me to sleep with the rat-a-tat-tat of her drinking from the water bottle. In the morning I would rise to squeaks for hay.

Princess Piggy Poo can move back to the living room today. But I may just leave her bedchamber in the bedroom. A little extra time together during the holidays might be nice.

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1 Response to Princess Piggy Poo bunk mate

  1. Kramer says:

    I heard recently there were studies that have shown sleeping with our pets are good for our psychological health. I believe this. So glad to hear Princess Piggy Poo and you are weathering the storm of home renovation together. It’s nice to have a friend to share the good times with . . . And a nice water bottle lullaby is an added bonus! 🙂

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