Princess Piggy Poo cuddle bunny

Princess Piggy Poo Cuddle BunnyEvery day two alarms ring at Princess Piggy Poo’s house. The first one coaxes me out of my bed to fetch Princess Piggy Poo from her bed. Then I bring her into my bed for morning cuddle time. It’s her favorite part of the day.

Now that the weather is chilly, when I retrieve Princess Piggy Poo from her bedchamber, her fur is cool to the touch. She relishes the moment I pull the covers over her and she begins to warm. During the temperate months, Princess Piggy Poo generally stays perched on my belly. When the weather becomes cool she snuggles between my arm and side. For 30 minutes Princess Piggy Poo is one happy, toasty guinea pig. Until the second alarm goes off and I push off the covers. This inspires Princess Piggy Poo to run as far as she can from my reach so that she remains under the covers. My persuasive cavy usually convinces me to hit the snooze button so she can get nine more minutes. She gets back into position between my arm and side and chortles.

If I let her, I think Princess Piggy Poo would live out the rest of her years cuddled under the covers. But I have things to do and the promise of lettuce takes us to her second favorite part of the day — breakfast. From my experience with guinea pigs, they do have memories and expectations. Princess Piggy Poo seems to take comfort that tomorrow she will start her day in the same cuddle bunny way.


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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo cuddle bunny

  1. Christine Gumba says:

    Ahhh, my dog behaves the same way just before we have to go to bed! We do the opposite, night time cuddling. 🙂

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