Smelling Princess Piggy Poo

Princess Piggy Poo SmellingEvery time Princess Piggy Poo lifts her head and sniffs around, I feel that she is gathering important and ominous information. She bobs her little head with her nose in the air focusing on something I cannot detect. I wonder if Princess Piggy Poo is sensing earthquakes, or scarier still, ghosts.

Maybe Princess Piggy Poo’s voracious interest in inhaling our home is as innocuous as taking in the aromas from all the cooking I’ve started doing. When dogs go crazy smelling the ground, we know that they are learning about their environment. Can’t that be all that Princess Piggy Poo is doing?

From what I’ve read, guinea pigs have a keen sense of smell. The information cavies gather through their nostrils help them interact, communicate and recognize their surroundings. Olfactory memories help guinea pigs with their long-term recall so they find their way to their safe places. No wonder Princess Piggy Poo has been trying to get a whiff of her surroundings. My home-cooked meals have disguised the smell of our house. My cute cavy has no clue where she is. Every day is a new location, as if she is in witness protection moving from safe house to safe house.

With all the mincing, dicing and chopping that I’ve been doing, it does seem as if I’ve been possessed. And, I’m sure the house has been moving and shaking with all the action in the kitchen, so Princess Piggy Poo is on the right track. For the love of my perceptive piggy, I should retire the apron and leave cooking to the professionals. Princess Piggy Poo doesn’t have to taste what I cook to know it stinks.

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One Response to Smelling Princess Piggy Poo

  1. Kramer says:

    So there is some cooking going on in your kitchen? I’m sure it tastes a lot better than you think, but we are our own worst critics. It is amazing how cavies and other animals use their sense of smell so exceptionally. I’m sure Princess Piggy Poo would love your cooking . . . maybe even better than your finger! 🙂

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