Princess Piggy Poo, where are your teeth?

Guinea pigs have two big rabbit-looking teeth on the top and two on the bottom that are easy to view. Rumor has it that cavies have 20 teeth total. So, Princess Piggy Poo, where are your other 16 teeth? I attempted to take a peek and was greeted by “fat pads” hiding her other teeth.

Princess Piggy Poo Teeth

While Princess Piggy Poo is relatively tame, it’s not wise to go poking around sharp objects that can draw blood. I had to wonder how those fat pads weren’t chewed to shreds but they were pink, smooth, pretty and plump. Every time I stuck my finger in her mouth, Princess Piggy Poo’s little tongue darted out to greet me. There was no noninvasive way I could think of to peek behind that puffed pink curtain.

There is a guinea pig dental instrument called a buccal pad separator to hold the cheeks back but chances are good I’ll never have my hands on one of those. The good news is that even if her back teeth remain invisible to me, based on what I’ve read online, Princess Piggy Poo gets thumbs up for her dental health. Her front teeth are even and lined up, her tongue has freedom of movement so there aren’t teeth growing over it and she gobbles up her goodies like no body’s business.

One of the signs of a guinea pig with bad teeth is weight loss. Based on what I’ve observed, Princess Piggy Poo has perfect pearly whites.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo, where are your teeth?

  1. kramer says:

    Glad to hear the Princess has a good bill of health for her teeth. Like the Princess, I too have put my teeth to good use, and suffer from no weight loss issues. Like you, Momma, I don’t think I would go poking around Princess Piggy Poo’s mouth looking for teeth either. Good to have strong front teeth for ease of enjoying certain foods. . . and better to bite you with, my dear! 🙂

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