Princess Piggy Poo guard cavy

Princess Piggy Poo Guard CavyIt’s true. Princess Piggy Poo may not scare away intruders, but her growl lets me know something is amiss in her kingdom. She channels her inner pit bull when the mailman delivers, a plane flies overhead or a friend comes to call. Whether the doorbell rings, there’s a knock at the door or a friendly call of “Yoo-hoo,” Princess Piggy Poo produces her guttural sounds.

Supposedly, guinea pigs growl when they feel threatened or are in a situation where they feel cornered. Cavies also growl when they are ready to attack and bite. From my experience, Princess Piggy Poo is just putting me on notice that she wants me to make her world perfect again. Most guinea pigs don’t growl often, but when you give your cavy a royal title and meet her every need before she knows she has one, you have to expect to be bossed around with all types of vocalizations.

In most circumstances, I know why Princess Piggy Poo is growling. But when all is quiet and calm and she looks up and begins that throaty rattle, I’m the one who feels uneasy. I don’t remember who told me that animals sense ghosts, but if I ever do, I’m going to call him or her and Princess Piggy Poo and I will both growl into the phone.

I appreciate Princess Piggy Poo providing auditory cues for grievances of this world. Who needs an alarm system or watchdog, when you have a guard guinea pig?

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2 Responses to Princess Piggy Poo guard cavy

  1. Lol to cute the best kinda of guard piggie and atleast she’d be good at guarding your lettuce x katie from guineapig wheekly

  2. kramer says:

    Seems to me you have the perfect alarm system in Princess Piggy Poo. Her growl is the perfect way to warn you of something being amiss, of her every royal desire, and to let you know of even her most minimal discomfort. I believe animals have a sixth sense, and I’d have respect for her abilities. You won’t get caught alone . . . not with Princess Cavybuster! 🙂

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