Princess Piggy Poo tough cookie

Princess Piggy Poo Tough CookiePeople look for inspiration in a lot of places. We see humans scaling summits, shedding hundreds of pounds, recovering from illnesses, surviving atrocities and so many other insurmountable occurrences. Heroes inspire us, and at the same time make us witness how fragile life can be.

On an everyday level, I don’t look far for inspiration. Princess Piggy Poo is my tiny hero. She displays resilience and spunk. (We could all do well with a little more spunk.) It’s funny to have a three-pound guinea pig boss me around without reservation or fear. And, she has every expectation that she’ll get her way, because she usually does.

Princess Piggy Poo is a brave little cavy. She didn’t cower from her fluid injections. Sure, she screamed like a little girl, but she took them like a man. She didn’t shy away at her veterinarian visits either. Instead, Princess Piggy Poo chatted up the vet with her cavy conversation and won the doctor over with her winning guinea pig personality.

Next time you have to deal with something difficult, think about Princess Piggy Poo and know — you can be a tough cookie, too.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo tough cookie

  1. kramer says:

    I know I could use a little inspiration now and then. It is enlightening and humbling to find it in the most extraordinary places, especially when the source is our four-legged friends. Yes, the Princess Piggy Poo has shown great courage and strong will over the years. As I’ve followed her royal life through this blog, her example has been a source of motivation to me when life has thrown me a curve ball. Next time I need a little dose of gumption, I will think of the Princess . . . I’ll just cavy up! 🙂

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