Princess Piggy Poo cool cucumber

Princess Piggy Poo CucumberThe last time Princess Piggy Poo had contact with another guinea pig was when she was a month old. After she was plucked from her birth family, there were no other cavy encounters, until yesterday.

Princess Piggy Poo could hear the two cavies wheeking in the next room but she didn’t seem to care. She didn’t wheek back. A couple of times Princess Piggy Poo lifted her head to smell the air, but that behavior didn’t seem to coincide with anything the other guinea pigs were doing.

Finally, it was time for a face-to-face meeting. In my left hand was Flipper, in my right hand was Princess Piggy Poo. I held them nose-to-nose. Nothing happened. I did notice that Flipper’s little heart was thumping as if she had a drum core in her chest. As usual, I didn’t feel any heartbeat from Princess Piggy Poo. Flipper was relieved when I put her back in her house. Princess Piggy Poo looked down on Flipper and her even more skittish sister, Rainbow Sherbet. As the sisters screamed and dashed into their hiding house, Princess Piggy Poo remained cool as a cucumber.

After so much time with only human contact, Princess Piggy Poo has no interest in her fellow guinea pigs. I wasn’t sure if I should be sad about that. Then again, maybe Princess Piggy Poo thought she was better than those younger guinea pigs with their juvenile names. In many ways, I’ve spoiled Princess Piggy Poo. Maybe giving up cavy companionship wasn’t such a bad trade off for enjoying life as a little royal snob.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo cool cucumber

  1. kramer says:

    Interesting experiment, and interesting results. Hard to say what calmed her so much while around such excitement of her colleagues. Maybe it is her Royal upbringing, or maybe just in her nature to be calm. Perhaps Princess Piggy Poo has found the secret to living in peace with the outside stresses of her world . . . waiting for the release of the cavy guided meditation! 🙂

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