Emotional Princess Piggy Poo

I was wondering if guinea pigs have emotions. It’s easy to tell that Princess Piggy Poo is happy for cilantro and sad for subcutaneous fluids, but is it that clear cut? Maybe there are nuances I’m missing. I looked up a list of emotions and decided Princess Piggy Poo is deeper than I give her credit for. With all of the vocalizations she does, I should have realized she’s a complex cavy. Even scientists are finding that animals have emotions once thought only capable in humans.

Princess Piggy Poo EmotionalTonight, my friend and I saw the Amy Schumer movie Trainwreck. We thought it was really funny. So what would make Princess Piggy Poo laugh? Then I remembered the time I had to crawl under the bed to retrieve Princess Piggy Poo and got my ass stuck. It’s as if Princess Piggy Poo knew exactly how far to go to be just shy of my reach. I could swear she was laughing then. There was no outward shrugging shoulders, or rolling on her back and wiggling her paws in the air, but I could feel it.

On the other hand, the first time Princess Piggy Poo cried was probably when I took her away from her mother and sister. To alleviate my guilt, I told myself that if it wasn’t me, someone else would have snatched her up, put her in a cardboard box and driven her home. Because look at her, she’s so damn cute! Now after all the medical care Princess Piggy Poo has needed, I don’t feel guilty anymore. She has been fortunate to have someone who spares no expense to care for her. Perhaps she has even cried tears of gratitude.

The thing about having a pet that you care for is that, whether they feel it or not, they are pure, unconditional love. Princess Piggy Poo brings me joy and has made me laugh unexpectedly many times. Sure, my little cavy likes to nip every now and again but I don’t take it to heart. I know the only thing Princess Piggy Poo will ever do to make me cry is leave.

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1 Response to Emotional Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    There’s no doubt Princess Piggy Poo has emotions! I can easily imagine her laughing at you stuck (I laughed too), squealing with delight at a delicious treat, or screeching with fright at that needle. The Princess enjoys many facets to her intricate character which mere mortals such as us could never understand . . . for we are “a breed apart and make no sense”! 🙂

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