Princess Piggy Poo blood sisters

Princess Piggy Poo and I are now related by blood. It had to happen sooner or later. Tonight, when I was administering her weekly fluids, the needle went into her, through her and into me. There was no other option than to move the needle back through her. Now I’m part cavy and she’s part human. Princess Piggy Poo Sister

As soon as I saw my blood droplet forming, I knew this could be bad news. I always keep Neosporin® on hand to prevent infection on surface wounds, but what to do about a guinea pig blood and human blood mingle? Isn’t this how Spider-Man was born? Technically, an irradiated spider bit Peter Parker to make him Spider-Man, but this is close enough. I’m praying that my teeth don’t start growing or that Princess Piggy Poo starts walking upright.

On the bright side, Princess Piggy Poo was happy that her treatment was cut short but she still guilted me engaging in her post-shot theatrics. The crying, the scratching, the twitching and the dirty look that always gets her point across. I don’t enjoy these shots either but now I literally feel her pain.

On July 19, 2015, Princess Piggy Poo and I became blood sisters. We’ve never felt closer.

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1 Response to Princess Piggy Poo blood sisters

  1. Your mother, grandmama of Princess Piggy Poo says:

    Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! How are you feeling? Sounds like a sci fi thriller.

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