Princess Piggy Poo summer blockbuster

Dinosaurs are back in Jurassic World; Ahhnold is back in Terminator Genisys but where are the guinea pig movies? Princess Piggy Poo wasn’t born yet, but there was a guinea pig movie in 2009 called G-Force.

According to the Disney promotional material, “G-Force is a comedy adventure about the latest evolution of a covert government program to train animals to work in espionage. Armed with the latest high-tech spy equipment, highly trained guinea pigs discover that the fate of the world is in their paws.” It was rated PG and since the action was rather tame, I’m guessing it was PG for guinea pig nudity. It wasn’t a great movie except for maybe tots and didn’t make a ton of money, which is the likely reason there hasn’t been a sequel.

While cavy crusaders aren’t box office gold, a guinea pig can dream. Princess Piggy Poo would love to be featured in a big Hollywood production. She is already accustomed to getting the star treatment. Maybe one day a big-time movie producer will discover Princess Piggy Poo. In the meantime, she is ready for her close up.

Princess Piggy Poo Close Up



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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo summer blockbuster

  1. Joyce says:

    Loved this! In my book, Princess Piggy Poo is already a star!

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