Princess Piggy Poo juices

Princess Piggy Poo JuicesPrincess Piggy Poo likes to think she’s a trendsetter, but like so many Californians before her, she’s now on the juicing bandwagon. The health benefits of juicing for cavies are not the same on the outside as for people. She doesn’t give a thought about clear skin and thigh gap; however, her guinea pig insides are the real target.

Supposedly, pure cranberry juice is good for bladder health and Princess Piggy Poo needs more fluids, so cranberry and water sounds like a magic concoction for a bladder stone prone guinea pig.

So far Princess Piggy Poo enjoys her juice break every day, so much so that I’m adding a second serving for extra juicy goodness. If a little is good for my cavy, more should be better. Besides, when she’s had enough, she let’s the cranberry-water drip down her chin creating a pink path to her toes.

Usually royalty doesn’t follow the crowd, but not many people get their juice delivered through an oral syringe. That Princess Piggy Poo sure knows how to elevate any activity to her life’s station. Bottom’s up, Princess Piggy Poo!

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2 Responses to Princess Piggy Poo juices

  1. kramer says:

    I have to say I am surprised Princess Piggy Poo likes cranberry juice, even when mixed with water. The “real” stuff is some pretty vile tasting liquid to me; however, its benefits to bladder health is well documented. And thank goodness she has no body image problems. Look out you trendsetter thigh gap people, Royal healthy is coming through . . . and Princess Piggy’s got “back”!! 🙂

  2. Angee says:

    Like mother like daughter! 😉

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