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Princess Piggy Poo summer blockbuster

Dinosaurs are back in Jurassic World; Ahhnold is back in Terminator Genisys but where are the guinea pig movies? Princess Piggy Poo wasn’t born yet, but there was a guinea pig movie in 2009 called G-Force. According to the Disney … Continue reading

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Princess Piggy Poo juices

Princess Piggy Poo likes to think she’s a trendsetter, but like so many Californians before her, she’s now on the juicing bandwagon. The health benefits of juicing for cavies are not the same on the outside as for people. She … Continue reading

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What’s that smell Princess Piggy Poo?

It must be Thursday. The scent of cavy urine is beginning to waft from both Princess Piggy Poo’s castle and her bedchamber to wherever I’m sitting in the living room. It isn’t a constant and pervasive odor, just hints now … Continue reading

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Princess Piggy Poo no longer stoned

Alleluia, Hallelujah and Yahoo! For the second time this year, Princess Piggy Poo has passed a bladder stone and received a clean bill of health. The first time Princess Piggy Poo got stoned, we sought medical care, changed bad habits … Continue reading

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