Princess Piggy Poo’s fun box

Princess Piggy Poo has a new toy — a cubed tissue box with the ends removed. Once again, my delightful cavy proves that the best things in life are free. Although everything is free for Princess Piggy Poo.

Princess Piggy Poo Fun Box

I don’t know why I didn’t think to do this sooner. You should see Princess Piggy Poo dash through the cube. The first time she attempted it, I must admit, I wasn’t sure if a girthy part of her anatomy might drag the box along behind her but that wasn’t an issue at all. Maybe the .11 kg Princess Piggy Poo recently lost has made her more svelte. No greasing the guinea pig was necessary.

Now I feel as if I’ve denied Princess Piggy Poo the joys of squeezing through a cube at top speed for all these years. Plus I’ve missed out on the entertainment of watching her fly through the cube like a cavy bullet released from a chamber. But how could I know what would strike a guinea pig’s fancy? However, I am pretty sure that Princess Piggy Poo could live without my clapping and cheering for her to, “Do it again, do it again.”

Four pack of Puff’s® tissues $4.49. Time to rip the ends off the cube, 25 seconds. Chubby white cavy clearing a cube, priceless. “Do it again, Princess Piggy Poo, do it again!”

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