Princess Piggy Poo taste tester

Princess Piggy Poo TasteBecause most of a guinea pig’s daily diet is supposed to be composed of Timothy hay, it’s important to find the most enjoyable brand. Princess Piggy Poo has a sophisticated palate when it comes to Timothy hay. I have provided her with several brands over the years and she always picks a winner. Currently, Princess Piggy Poo prefers Oxbow® brand.

There’s a pet supply store nearby called C&C that I recently started frequenting. The folks there introduced me to a new brand of hay. It’s called Alfalfa King® but I made sure to get 100% Timothy hay. The helpful guy at C&C said that Alfalfa King is the freshest hay they sell because it is packaged for the store as soon as they order it. Most hay is packaged, sent to a distributor and waits in a warehouse until ordered by a store.

For this cavy taste test, Princess Piggy Poo has been presented Oxbow Timothy hay (“The Current Champion”) alongside Alfalfa King (“The Fresher Competitor”). She has been very thoughtful about her choice because both piles have been flattened. While there is not a clear winner, I have noticed her favoring the Alfalfa King but it’s just too close to call.

At this point, I’ll keep making hay piles to see if Princess Piggy Poo decides she has a clear preference. For now, Princess Piggy Poo is the winner because we’ve found some tasty hay.


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1 Response to Princess Piggy Poo taste tester

  1. kramer says:

    Oh, I love it!! Princess Piggy Poo is in charge of choosing her own palate-pleasing hay! Personally, I know how difficult this can be sometimes, for I too am very choosy with certain food items. Since this type of hay is so important to her royal diet, Princess Piggy Poo will have to take her time with this very serious decision . . . . it’s not just the “Pepsi Challenge,” you know!! 🙂

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