Middle-aged Princess Piggy Poo

Psychologists say that humans have an instinct to nurture babies. It doesn’t matter what species either; we think babies are cute. And, to me, furry ones are the cutest: puppies, kitties, guinea pigs, Princess Piggy Poo…adorable!Princess Piggy Poo Middle Age

Princess Piggy Poo was a wee bitty fur baby three-and-a- half years ago when I got her. But given a guinea pig’s life span, while she’s still cute as a button, she’s middle-aged now. I wonder what the equivalent of reading glasses and menopause are for a guinea pig? Does she get hot flashes?

If I pay attention, I can find signs of Princess Piggy Poo’s advancing years. She recently had a health problem with her bladder stone and X-rays also showed a little arthritis on the knee. Princess Piggy Poo has been trying to watch her girlish figure but the weight is persistent. The scariest thing was hearing the veterinarian say that Princess Piggy Poo had a big heart — and not in the amount of love she gives. The vet asked me if Princess Piggy Poo sneezes, saying that that’s a sign of heart trouble. Now I wonder how many sneezes are too many — once a day, once a week? It gives new emphasis to telling Princess Piggy Poo, “God bless you.” It’s a prayer that I don’t have to put her on cavy Digitalis. The best thing I can do is to help Princess Piggy Poo age gracefully.

Some animals maintain their baby face well into old age. Princess Piggy Poo won’t even get gray hair since she’s all white. Princess Piggy Poo will always be able to make me coo at her cuteness. She may be 40-something in human years but she’s still an adorable baby to me.

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4 Responses to Middle-aged Princess Piggy Poo

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  2. If you want a few tips on coping with arthritis in guinea pigs then Mummy looked after Nibbles for 3 years with his and he only needed pain relief in the last month of his life which the vet told us was amazing 🙂


    • Thank you so much for the offer. You always provide such helpful info on your blog. Right now Princess Piggy Poo has a “touch” of arthritis on an x-ray. She doesn’t seem to be bothered at all. Right now we are more concerned about figuring out these bladder stones. Thanks again and give our best to the boys!

  3. kramer says:

    WELCOME to middle age, Princess Piggy Poo!! It’s now time to deal with all the little changes coming, but there’s also much joy and happiness to be had. With ease and just a mere royal tweak of her nose, the Princess will boldly go forth as many before her has gone. While the Princess already has her classic look, it takes a while for the rest of us . . . for the “cream to float to the top”! 🙂

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