Next time Princess Piggy Poo

Princess Piggy Poo Next TimeWell, Princess Piggy Poo didn’t get to meet her new cavy friends. I chickened out. Those two little girl guinea pigs are young and used to being together. Princess Piggy Poo is middle-aged and used to being with me.

I wasn’t sure how to introduce all the guinea pigs to ensure Princess Piggy Poo would not have chewed ears, a heat attack or get bugs. Not that those other guinea pigs are mean or have bugs, I just have a penchant for imagining the worst.

We’ll be visiting the guinea pigs’ house again later this summer. Maybe Princess Piggy Poo will get a chance to mingle with her kind then. Until then, come to Momma Princess Piggy Poo.

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One Response to Next time Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE!! I just love that picture of Princess Piggy Poo. I can certainly understand your hesitancy in introducing Princess Piggy Poo to others. Better safe than sorry. Did you say “mingle with her kind” . . . . really? 🙂

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