I see you, Princess Piggy Poo

Princess Piggy Poo See YouEven though Princess Piggy Poo is currently middle-aged, I tend to treat her like a baby. Princess Piggy Poo loves spending time in her hiding house. In that regard, she’s more like a teenager who only wants to hang out in her bedroom. Well, Her Momma the Queen decided to exercise parental control and remove the hiding house from the big house.

I thought eliminating her constant enclosure would encourage Princess Piggy Poo to get a bit more exercise by dashing around her big house, or would have her trying out different patches of bedding. I was right on both accounts; however, to only the tiniest extent. Yes, she dashed a time or two and, yes, she did try different patches of bedding but the real benefit was mine. To my delight, every time I glanced her way I saw my pretty white cavy instead of the wooden rainbow she hides under.

Once you have a guinea pig that feels content in her home, a missing hiding house won’t alter her comfortable habits. Of course, I still let her have the hiding house most of the time, especially for sleeping and when we have company. But, when it’s just us, away it goes. I see Princess Piggy Poo and delight in having an unobstructed view of my cute cavy. They say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but you can change things up on a middle-aged cavy and she’ll adapt just fine.

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