Challenging Princess Piggy Poo

Princess Piggy Poo CornerParents have a tendency to want to make things easier for their children. Therapists will tell you that it’s better to let children learn on their own, and to intervene only when there is danger. As the momma of a guinea pig, I have decided to challenge Princess Piggy Poo more. Perhaps, I could find a way to stimulate her little cavy brain and curtail what appears to me to be boredom being holed away in her hiding house.

The other day when giving her cilantro, I decided to put it in a toilet paper roll and then, for extra excitement, I pinched down the ends adding more difficulty. Watching Princess Piggy Poo assault the roll provided at least 90 seconds of entertainment for me. She sniffed, she tossed, she chewed, she beat it against her hiding house, she dragged, and then she stuffed her nose into the roll and extracted her prize.

It certainly was fun watching Princess Piggy Poo attack the toilet paper roll to get at the cilantro. What a bummer that I’ve made it so easy in the past! I think Princess Piggy Poo enjoyed the challenge as much as the reward. I know I did.

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One Response to Challenging Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    I am glad that you and Princess Piggy Poo had such a good time with the added challenge game, and the prize at the end was undeniably worth the extra few seconds. The Princess is obviously very intelligent to figure it out so quickly. For me, some challenges are enjoyable, and some are not so much; i.e., the drug company’s invention of the childproof cap. I pushed down and turned, I lined up the arrow with the indentation and pulled up, I even threw it to the floor in hopes of that little aspirin bottle opening, none of which got me anywhere . . . then, out came the hacksaw!! 🙂

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