Princess Piggy Poo good as new

Princess Piggy Poo NewPrincess Piggy Poo has seen better weeks but she can’t argue with the results of her daily injections. I’m happy to report that my cavy is cured. There have been no signs of ill health, physically or temperamentally. Hopefully, the days to follow will all be healthy, happy ones for Princess Piggy Poo.

Nursing a guinea pig back to good health, while gratifying, is also challenging. The first injection I delivered was deceptively simple. I didn’t count on Princess Piggy Poo figuring out that every day at high noon there would be a shoot out. The second injection was preceded by unfortunate squeaks, not pleasant but tolerable. The rest of the week; however, brought wretched, pleading screams that I had to ignore while squeezing the furry skin near her shoulder blades, sliding the needle all the way in and pushing the medicine into her little body.

Having Princess Piggy Poo good as new was worth every cent of the $262.01 to take her to the vet, get an X-ray and purchase the drugs that I administered by needle six times. When you have a pet, you should love it enough to take care of it. Many of my pet advocate friends share links to horror stories about how people abuse their animals. If you can’t afford to, or don’t have the capacity to take care of a pet, you shouldn’t have one. And, if you think that spending a couple hundred bucks on a rodent is ridiculous, then you just don’t get that even the smallest creature deserves to be treated as a beloved member of your family.


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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo good as new

  1. kramer says:

    So happy to hear Princess Piggy Poo is back on her feet. I wish I would have had a wonderful nurse Momma like you to care of me last week when I was sick . . . though you can keep the shots to yourself. As for the “expense” of caring for a pet, there is no price on love, and love cannot be merely explained by some stupid dollar figure. True love lives and breathes in the heart. For the naysayers you speak of, I say: Go fly a kite . . . . or, more appropriately: BITE ME!! 🙂

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