Princess Piggy Poo patient

Princess Piggy Poo has always heard me say she doesn’t have a vet. So imagine her shock and horror when I stuffed her into a shoebox and whisked her to Rainbow Veterinary Hospital. I swore she would never step paw in a vet clinic, but there we were.

Princess Piggy Poo Patient

Princess Piggy Poo had shown some signs of not being herself. Her urine had a stronger odor than usual and she was making noises throughout the day that I wasn’t used to hearing. I thought I’d keep an eye on her. Then I noticed a reddish tinge on the soft white bedding where she sleeps. Never mind Googling what could be wrong, I knew that was blood and we needed professional help. I Googled “small animal veterinarian” and called the one with the highest rating — Rainbow Veterinary Hospital. I was relieved they had an opening and could see us right away.

My poor cavy was traumatized (and so was I) but it had to be done. The nice vet people brought a towel for her to feel comfortable and then did an exam. My little guinea pig was then taken to get an X-ray of her abdomen. I heard Princess Piggy Poo let out a couple of screams but when it was over the vet tech wrapped her in the towel and gave her some love. Princess Piggy Poo looked like ET the Extra Terrestrial with her little face poking out the top of the towel.

The vet showed me the tiny spot on the X-ray — a calcium deposit. I felt really bad because I know guinea pigs are susceptible and need foods low in oxalate and calcium, but I failed her. I’m guessing too much spinach inadvertently got into her diet by my buying the bags of mixed lettuce. There will be no more of that.

For my penance, over the next six days, I have to give Princess Piggy Poo six shots of medicine — and not like shots of tequila — injections with a needle. Poor Princess Piggy Poo is a pin cushion.

The memory of Princess Piggy Poo locking my eyes into her gaze is one I can’t shake. Her ambivalence was fierce — “Thank you for taking care of me. I hate you for this. I love you, Momma. You’re dead to me now.” Then Princess Piggy Poo turned to the vet tech and charmed her with happy chut sounds. My brave cavy girl was the perfect patient, and we both hope she never has to be that again.

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5 Responses to Princess Piggy Poo patient

  1. Donna says:

    Beterschap, Princess Piggy Poo, from your fans in Belgium (where beterschap means “get well soon”! Give your momma a kiss from us. Danny & Donna

  2. I hope Princess Piggy Poo is starting to feel better. 🐹

  3. Thriftarellas says:

    How’s My Princess doing??????

    I was soo scared to read this. Hope you both are doing better!

    Love you xooox

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