Great White Princess Piggy Poo

Of all the animals on the planet, you’d think that sharks would have nothing in common with guinea pigs. But while helping my nephew do a school report on sharks, I learned that there are similarities.

Princess Piggy Poo Shark

Such as, sharks don’t want to bite people; it’s just that sometimes we get in their way. That is exactly the same as Princess Piggy Poo. At least sharks are carnivores. It’s even more ludicrous when cavies take a chomp out of a fleshy human, they’re herbivores for goodness sake. But, in both cases, it happens. And, I’d prefer Princess Piggy Poo bites to shark bites any day.

Sharks also grow teeth their entire lives, as do guinea pigs. The difference being, sharks lose teeth and replace them (thousands over a lifetime), while a cavy keeps the same ones. That’s why Princess Piggy Poo has a wooden hiding house and lots of timothy hay, to keep her pearly whites from growing too long.

Another thing cavies and sharks have in common is their torpedo-shaped bodies. However, while Princess Piggy Poo’s body has silky smooth fur, a shark’s body feels like sandpaper. As much as I enjoy rubbing my cheek against Princess Piggy Poo’s soft back, there would be some serious microdermabrasion trying that with a shark.

It’s fun to find alike qualities in opposite creatures. Although, I hope there’s one thing Princess Piggy Poo never has in common with a shark — location. That would surely be the end of her adventures.

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One Response to Great White Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    Sounds like you had some fun time with your nephew, and even learned a thing or two. I agree, it is fun to find out about similarities in nature, or just gain knowledge and perspective from wherever we can. I would prefer the Princess myself, but do so admire the ones who enjoy playing with the sharks. Sharks are amazing creatures in their own right. But no, I have to admit, I never would have compared Princess Piggy Poo to a shark . . . except for those royal teeth of hers!! 🙂

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