Princess Piggy Poo’s back to the grind

Princess Piggy Poo GrindPrincess Piggy Poo wished a fond farewell to her festive Snoopy Holiday Greeter who has been carefully put away until next Christmas season. I promised my piggy that I would work hard to get organized this year so that Snoopy would come back again right after Thanksgiving.
This is an odd time of year, coming down from the festivities and extra socializing and trading it in for setting goals and making the most of a new year. It can be daunting if you think about it. Princess Piggy Poo seems up for the challenge. Being royalty she is no stranger to being stoic and keeping a stiff upper lip.
Truth be told, Princess Piggy Poo has created a fine life for herself. My clever cavy has me trained to meet her every need, and even create new ones for her. She’s quite the inspiration in our little kingdom. Maybe this year, whenever I’m faced with making a decision, I should ask, “What would Princess Piggy Poo do?”
Well, whatever this New Year holds, Princess Piggy Poo assures me that getting back to the daily grind isn’t so bad at all.
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2 Responses to Princess Piggy Poo’s back to the grind

  1. She’s such a beautiful piggy. Yes, my girls have trained me well too. Different wheeks for different needs – usually food related! 😄

  2. kramer says:

    Princess Piggy Poo has you trained well, and is such a true motivator too! While the new year may seem daunting to us, it is a delight to see our furry friends so brave and ready to face the future without even a moment’s hesitation. Wishing you and the adorable Princess Piggy Poo a year filled with love, flavor, and happiness. . . . and step over the “poo” along the way!! 🙂

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