Princess Piggy Poo throws in the towel

Princess Piggy Poo TowelPrincess Piggy Poo really enjoys being under covers. The Queen Mum even crocheted her a lovely little blanket. But we want to keep that blanket nice, so it’s only used when Princess Piggy Poo is outside of her palace. Now that it’s getting chilly, I was wondering if there was another option to keep her cozy and be easy to clean.

When I went looking for my flannel sheets, I found a few hand towels that were gifts. They don’t match my towel sets so I thought I’d pass them along to Princess Piggy Poo to see if she likes them. I placed one of the hand towels over one end of her hiding house like a tent, just to see what she would do. She came outside through the open end of her hiding house and crawled under the towel from the outside of her hiding house. She kept going under the towel and into her house and under the towel like Ring Around the Rosy. It was the best toy ever!

In the past, Princess Piggy Poo would spend most of her time in her hiding house. Now she moves the towel around the palace and when she’s not in her hiding house, I’ll see movement under the fabric lump.

What I’ve learned is that even though Princess Piggy Poo is royalty, she is happier with stuff I find around the house than items I buy at the pet store. First, the mirror provided her seconds of entertainment and now the hand towel is her new favorite thing. I find myself taking work breaks just to see where Princess Piggy Poo will be — under the towel or in the hiding house — sometimes she even drags the towel into her hiding house so she’s under both — such an amusing little guinea pig.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo throws in the towel

  1. kramer says:

    It is getting chilly! The Queen Mum’s crocheted blanket is beautiful, and should be saved for special occasions. Even Royalty needs that one special gown. But I just love that Princess Piggy Poo is enjoying the creature comforts you found around the home. That she has found a little game like “Ring Around the Rosy” to play seems to show she is having some fun too . . . kind of like my house game of me and my fridge!! 🙂

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