Falling for Princess Piggy Poo

My friends have wood floors. My mother crochets yarn slipper booties. These two things don’t go well together. On a recent dog-sitting visit to my friends’ house, Princess Piggy Poo and I took a tumble down the stairs when my slippers went sliding off a step. Not to worry about Princess Piggy Poo, my right cheek took the brunt of it — and the proof is the bruise I have on my booty.

Princess Piggy Poo FallingPrincess Piggy Poo didn’t get injured but she certainly had an adventure. Even though I held her like a precious egg that I didn’t want to break, once we completed our fall she popped out of my hands. And then I heard the pitter-patter of her need-to-be-trimmed nails scurrying across the living room floor. Normally, this would be fine because she would run under a piece of furniture and I would retrieve her, but we were dog sitting. There was a dog. My friends are minimalists with open floor spaces. These two things don’t go well together. There was no place for Princess Piggy Poo to hide. As soon as she ran, the dog’s instincts kicked in and there was a chase.

Guinea pigs are deceptively fast but they really aren’t a match for medium-sized dogs. Luckily, Edalani, the dog is a good listener and she didn’t bat Princess Piggy Poo around the living room or, worse, eat her. Yep, we all had elevated heart rates but at the end of it all, the only thing hurt was my rear end.


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One Response to Falling for Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    Glad to hear that you both are all right. It is surprising how slippery floors can be, and more than coincidence that we slip when we are holding delicate objects. So to celebrate the spring in your step, your outstanding skill in slip-sliding away and keeping Princess Piggy Poor safe, and in the spirit of the holiday: The little dog kept time, Pa rum pum pum pum; As your body went thumpity-thump, Pa rum pum pum pum; You held Her safe from harm, Pa rum pum pum pum; and saved her Royal bum; Pa rum pum pum pum . . . . . while sliding on your Pa rum pum pum RUMP!! 🙂

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