Princess Piggy Poo stressed out

Princess Piggy Poo Stressed OutThis week proved to be a trying one for Princess Piggy Poo. There were two strange men inside, outside and under the big house re-doing the plumbing. The sounds of sawing metal and banging pipes reverberated through the big house and her hiding house. I checked Princess Piggy Poo regularly to make sure her little cavy heart didn’t go into cardiac arrest. I could hear her growling every time the plumbers walked through the living room.

Princess Piggy Poo probably thought she was the only one being put out for six days, but I had my own share of discomfort. Princess Piggy Poo didn’t have to ask a plumber for permission before using the bathroom in her own house. It was worth the inconvenience though. Now our old house has new plumbing and my guinea pig gets clear water.

Princess Piggy Poo may not appreciate an improvement in her water quality but she is certainly relieved to have those two men banished from her kingdom. However, while her castle is new, the big house was built in 1941. That means Princess Piggy Poo may have to deal with a few more workers invading her space.

She has a reprieve for now until Her Momma the Queen can scrape together a few more coins for the next repair. As long as I save a few cents for cilantro, Princess Piggy Poo will likely get through the ordeal with royal aplomb.

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