Princess Piggy Poo at ease

Yesterday, my friend Kelly came over to meet Princess Piggy Poo in person. As usual, Princess Piggy Poo preferred to be safely tucked inside her hiding house. Naturally, I wanted to show off my pretty guinea pig. Without thinking I just lifted her hiding house and Princess Piggy Poo began to run around her cage. I picked up Princess Piggy Poo to let Kelly feel her soft fur.

Princess Piggy Poo Ease

I was a neglectful mother not recognizing Princess Piggy Poo’s distress. Kelly noticed Princess Piggy Poo was nervous so I put the hiding house back in place. The sure sign of Princess Piggy Poo’s anxiety was when I offered her a toilet paper roll filled with Italian parsley; my fraidy-cat cavy didn’t go near it. I thought once Kelly and I left the house, Princess Piggy Poo would emerge and enjoy, but I was wrong.

It wasn’t until Princess Piggy Poo and I were alone again that she attempted to munch on her now-wilted parsley. I felt bad and gave Princess Piggy Poo some fresh sprigs.

It’s not always easy to tell if your prey animal loves you. When I see Princess Piggy Poo chomping hay outside of her hiding house or staring at me while she eats her pellets, I know she’s at ease — definitely a sign of love.

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1 Response to Princess Piggy Poo at ease

  1. kramer says:

    Seems Princess Piggy Poo has stresses just like the rest of us in this big world. Maybe you awoke her from her Royal nap. I know my favorite foods have calmed me on many a stressful day. We all get startled or uncomfortable from time to time. In my mind, as you saw, love is the ultimate soother . . . there is much to be said of our creature comforts!! 🙂

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