Princess Piggy Poo girl power

I was on a guinea pig forum and a girl (based on her “Yay!”) wanted to know, “Is a boy or a girl guinea pig better?” Poor Yay Girl didn’t know what hit her. The forum members decided that instead of answering her question, they should lecture her on the responsibilities and expenses of owning a guinea pig. I understand we all want cavies to go good homes but that wasn’t the question.

Princess Piggy Poo Girl Power

Princess Piggy Poo is my first girl guinea pig. Previously, I had a boy guinea pig. Admittedly, I’m no expert but here are my observations: They aren’t that different. I think it’s more the guinea pig’s individual personality not their sex that makes them who they are.

Supposedly boy cavies are sweeter, but my boy guinea pig drew blood on more than one occasion. Princess Piggy Poo will go after me but generally no blood is shed. And, to be fair, I can’t seem to learn that a hand coming at a guinea pig from behind can be a very scary thing.

I’ve heard that boys have a bit of a musky smell but I didn’t think my boy guinea pig was smelly. Princess Piggy Poo doesn’t really have a smell. If anything, she smell like her cage, which is good incentive to keep it clean.

There are different health concerns for the sexes. Cavy boys can suffer from poop impaction as they get older and girl cavies can get ovarian cancer. Best to check with a small pet veterinarian to get the whole story on guinea pig health because information online can be confusing.

Yay Girl wrote her post in January 2011. I’m hoping the overzealous forum members didn’t dissuade her from getting her guinea pigs. Maybe she has enough experience to answer her own question now. Either sex is fine with me, but in deference to Princess Piggy Poo, “Girls rule!”

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1 Response to Princess Piggy Poo girl power

  1. kramer says:

    And so the battle of the sexes rages on. Poor “Yay Girl”! I have had this same discussion with people myself, and everyone has an opinion. No surprise there. I too have had both male and female furry children, and their personalities were the difference. Princess Piggy Poo, no question, is “all that and a bag of Italian cilantro.” As for the “better” or “worse” thing . . . I’m of the opinion we leave that for the married two-leggers? !! 🙂

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