Princess Piggy Poo ready for winter

The weather forecasters say it’s going to be triple digits in Los Angeles this weekend. It’s fall for goodness sake. While it appears global warming has us in its clutches, whenever the temperature does decide to drop, Princess Piggy Poo is prepared. My cute cavy will be warm and toasty in her cozy new throw crocheted by the Queen Mum. Princess Piggy Poo Blanket

Princess Piggy Poo can’t wait for a chill. She loves to burrow under covers. The weight of the blanket makes her feel secure — a feeling that’s hard to come by for a guinea pig. Her new throw is a one-of-a-kind that was lovingly created exclusively for Princess Piggy Poo. This makes it worthy of a royal.

Now with her new blanket, winter is Princess Piggy Poo’s favorite season. Even though winter makes it feel cold outside, Princess Piggy Poo will be surrounded by warmth and love inside her majestic covering.

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3 Responses to Princess Piggy Poo ready for winter

  1. Whee’re not ready for winter. No, no, no, whee want it to stay well away! The grass always looks so nice and dark green in the winter months but it’s too cold out for us to eat it. Sad times, Piggy Poo, sad times…
    The Pigs xx

    • Princess Piggy Poo’s idea of winter is anything cooler than 70° F (21° C). She is spoiled living in Southern California. She doesn’t wish Jack Frost to visit you any time soon.

  2. kramer says:

    Yes, the cooler temps are coming up quickly. Thanks to the Queen Mum, it does look like Princess Piggy Poo is well prepared. I understand and truly enjoy the secure and warm feeling of a handmade blanket, and love curling up in one on a cool day/evening with a good book. Princess Piggy Poo looks all set for the upcoming months . . . . does the Queen Mum have a website to order from?!! 🙂

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