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Princess Piggy Poo ready for winter

The weather forecasters say it’s going to be triple digits in Los Angeles this weekend. It’s fall for goodness sake. While it appears global warming has us in its clutches, whenever the temperature does decide to drop, Princess Piggy Poo … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Princess Piggy Poo

More like Happy Birth Month Princess Piggy Poo, since I’m not sure which day she was born. But because I was told Princess Piggy Poo was four weeks old when I adopted her in middle October three years ago, it seems … Continue reading

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Princess Piggy Poo tiny but mighty

For a tiny guinea pig that doesn’t get around much, Princess Piggy Poo sure has a mighty personality. Maybe it’s cavy charisma, the way she commands attention when people come to visit. It could also be her magnetism that draws … Continue reading

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